Immediate fixed teeth (All-on-4®)

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Immediate fixed teeth (All-on-4®)

The “immediate fixed teeth” technique, or All-on-4, gives the patient a perfect smile in just one day, thanks to the placement of All-on-4® implants and a fully fixed bridge. With our partner, this smile is digitally designed and adapted to each patient. In a few hours, it is possible to regain dental aesthetics, chewing ability and a smile.

The “immediate fixed teeth” technique is used in situations such as:

Patients with removable prostheses (dentures);
Patients with generalized tooth mobility;
Patients with irrecoverable teeth from an aesthetic and functional point of view;
Partially or totally edentulous patient.
We have a medical team with extensive experience in the
field of implantology, using the latest digital technologies that facilitate the placement of dental implants, with a minimally invasive surgery and, therefore, a painless postoperative period. Given the high quality of the materials used and the great experience of the medical team, the risks associated with the surgery of immediate fixed teeth (All-on-4®) are practically non-existent.


Immediate fixed teeth (All-on-4®) in Porto, Portugal

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Sucess Rate of all-on-4 implants


Having only 4 implants fixed in each jawbone makes this method a minimally invasive option, providing benefits such as:

  • A shorter treatment time;
  • Greater comfort;
  • Faster recovery and healing;
  • A decrease in the risk of complications;
  • The procedure can be performed even in people with severe bone atrophy and no bone graft
  • The patient receives a new fixed dentition the same day of the intervention
  • The actual success rate is 98%.

In addition, as it makes it easy to regain self-esteem and masticatory efficiency, the All-on-4 method is considered one of the main oral rehabilitation treatments.

Bone resorption due to teeth loss
Bone absorption after tooth loss

Benefits of immediate fixed teeth

This method :
- Preserves bone structure - After tooth loss, there is a process of bone resorption. The dental implant is the only dental treatment capable of replacing the stimulation of the bone with the natural tooth, thus avoiding the loss of bone mass and the consequent alteration of the facial anatomy.
- Improves Aesthetics - Patients appear more beautiful, groomed and rejuvenated. Several studies indicate that people with missing or ugly teeth are perceived by others as older, less attractive and less groomed.
- Improves diction and communication - Missing teeth and certain tooth replacement options, such as dentures, can affect your ability to pronounce certain words correctly. Dental implants work like natural teeth and thus allow the patient to speak easily and naturally.
- Chewing Recovery - As dental implants are anchored in the bone, replacing the tooth root, they allow the patient to apply the same force as if it were a natural tooth. Other rehabilitation options, such as removable prostheses, because they rest on the gum instead of the bone, do not restore chewing ability as effectively.
- Improved well-being and self-esteem - Several studies show that a beautiful smile is not only linked to self-esteem, but also to well-being and happiness in people's lives. People with beautiful smiles are more confident, less anxious and enjoy life better. When you have a beautiful smile, you can talk and laugh without fear and enjoy the happiness and well-being that comes with it.
dental implant

What to expect from the operation?

The placement of dental implants is performed under local anesthesia, which minimizes the risks associated with an operation which, in itself, is painless. After the procedure, there may be edema (swelling) and discomfort, which will disappear with the medication provided. Respect for postoperative care is fundamental for a good recovery, in particular
the following treatments:
Cold and soft food;
Do not practice physical exercise;
Sleep with the head slightly raised;
Regular cleaning of the area in question;
Follow the treatment according to the recommendations provided.

















Immediate fixed teeth (All-on-4®) at Thecaretrip, Porto, Portugal.

Immediate Fixed Teeth Assessment Process

01. Pre-surgical planning
During this first phase of the treatment, we assess your general state of health as well as your expectations regarding the treatment. Complementary diagnostic examinations such as orthopantomography and CBCT-3D will be necessary. The patient will have the opportunity to see the final smile idealized by our specialists, thus anticipating the final result of the treatment.
02. Surgery and placement of immediate fixed teeth
The surgical protocol adopted by our partners is performed under local anesthesia and makes it possible to treat most cases without resorting to additional complex surgery, such as bone grafting, which allows a quick and comfortable post-operative period and a rate of recovery. high patient acceptance. After surgery, the long-awaited process of fitting the previously planned fixed teeth and placing them in the mouth begins.
03. Permanent fixed teeth
After the bone healing period (4 to 6 months), the molds will be made to make the permanent teeth and place them.
04. Surveillance continue
At Thecaretrip, we offer patients a comprehensive service that continues after implant placement to ensure success.

Frequently asked questions about dental implants

01. What is All-on-4®?
All-on-4® is a revolutionary treatment that allows you to set fixed teeth in just a few hours by placing 4 implants and a fixed prosthesis, without resorting to grafts. Compared to traditional techniques that involve the placement of 6 or more implants, this technique has excellent postoperative recovery without pain and allows the fixed dentition to be placed immediately after the end of the surgery, without having to wait several months with uncomfortable removable prostheses.
02. Who is it for?
Immediate fixed teeth or All-on-4® are the best solution when the remaining teeth in the patient's jaw are so deteriorated that it is not possible to treat them. They are a fixed and durable solution. It is used in situations such as: – Patients with removable prostheses (dentures); – Patients with generalized tooth mobility; – Patients with irrecoverable teeth from an aesthetic and functional point of view; – Patient partially or totally edentulous.
03. Contraindications
Although they are an excellent solution, implants, as well as other surgical procedures, have their contraindications. - Children and young people who have not yet completed their bone growth cycle. Patients are able to place dental implants after the end of bone growth, around 18/20 years of age. - Patients using bisphosphonate class drugs. Patients taking bisphosphonates should check with their doctor about the possibility of stopping treatment. This type of medicine can affect bone turnover and is used to treat certain cases of osteoporosis, Paget's disease and malignant neoplasms.
04. Is it safe to place All-on-4® fixed teeth?
The All-on-4® technique is highly predictable with very high success rates (around 98%) and can be used in all types of patients (even smokers). Implants can last for decades or even a lifetime depending on hygiene habits, cleaning care, periodic check-ups and the absence of systemic diseases such as diabetes or oncological problems.
05. Is it painful to put on All-on-4® fixed teeth?
All-on-4® surgery is performed under local anesthesia. It is a simple operation and it is not painful. After surgery, there may be edema (swelling) and discomfort for 2-10 days, which will be alleviated by the medications provided. Introduce solid foods gradually, so as not to injure the gums. After a few days, you will return to your normal life.
06. What is the difference between all-on-4® and implants?
Implants are used to replace the root of the tooth and to support either a crown (the visible part of the tooth), or bridges that replace several teeth, or even complete dental prostheses, with aesthetic and functional characteristics close to natural dentition. . In case you need to rehabilitate the entire upper jaw using implants, the best solution is All-on-4®. With this technique, all you need to do is insert four strategically placed implants to secure your new denture. The advantage of this treatment is that it allows the rehabilitation of the entire jaw even with very little bone and, therefore, in most cases without resorting to bone grafts, which means that it is treatment suitable for all ages. In a single surgery consultation, you find your smile, the treatment time is much shorter and the postoperative period is lighter.
07. Implants or fixed prosthesis, which is the best solution?
The best solution for each patient must be analyzed with the dentist specializing in oral surgery and rehabilitation, during a face-to-face consultation and with the help of examinations to see the general condition of the patient's teeth, as well as as the quantity and quality of the patient's bone structure. . As a general rule, it is always good to opt for the most conservative option: keep your teeth healthy and replace lost teeth or teeth that are no longer aesthetically and functionally recoverable with implants. Immediate or all-on-4 fixed teeth are the best solution when the remaining teeth in the patient's jaw have deteriorated so much that it is not possible to treat them. Of course, each case is different and therefore it is important that during the diagnostic consultation you talk openly with your dentist about your expectations regarding the treatment and what bothers you about your teeth.

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    Dental treatment in Portugal is cheaper because general operating costs, which include materials, laboratory costs and dentist fees, are lower in Portugal than in the UK. The same materials are sold by the brands themselves at lower prices in Portugal. Dentists do not charge as high fees as in other countries, so even our best dentists have a lower cost than dentists in other countries. We pay our dentists’ fees based on local prices (and based on their experience and quality), resulting in significant savings for our patients. Patients also often have to deal with very high laboratory costs. With Thecaretrip, a large part of the laboratory procedures are carried out in the dental clinic itself, which translates into lower prices for the patient, but with high quality, since the management of the process is carried out in-house, according to our high quality standards and by professionals we have selected. Some procedures must be carried out in rigorously selected external laboratories. Lower cost is often associated with lower quality. Wrongly. The dentists who work with us have been selected for their high level of specialization, the rigor and perfectionism with which they carry out their work and the attention paid to the patient. All the materials we use are certified and we only work with the best brands on the market.

    Our implants are made by Straumann, one of the most prestigious implant brands in the world. Our implants come with a lifetime guarantee that can be used in all the clinics around the world working with this brand.

    The first thing to do is speak to the Thecaretrip team and explain your emergency so that we can guide you. Most emergencies can be solved in your country by consulting a specialist in the field of implantology. You can also plan a visit to Portugal to solve the problem.

    Dental implants are placed under local anesthesia, which minimizes the risks associated with a surgical procedure which is in itself painless. After surgery, there may be some swelling and discomfort, which will be resolved with prescribed medication. Ideally, after the procedure, the patient should rest for at least a day. This delay is important because rest slows circulation, which reduces the risk of pain. The next day, the patient can resume his professional activities in moderation. Compliance with post-operative care is essential for a good recovery, among which we highlight the following points:

    • Cold and soft foods: yoghurt, ice cream, gelatin, cold soups, pureed vegetables, meat and fish, fruit smoothies;
    • No physical exercise;
    • Avoid exposure to the sun;
    • Sleep with the head slightly elevated;
    • Regular cleaning of the operated area;
    • Take prescribed medications as directed.

    Yes, +351 931 965 616, also available on WhatsApp.

    By choosing us, you will benefit from several advantages:

    • Significant savings in your dental treatments compared to other European countries: up to 60% compared to countries such as France, Switzerland or the United Kingdom;
    • The security of carrying out your treatment in a country of the European Union;
    • Excellent quality dental care: carefully selected medical team, certified materials from the most prestigious brands;
    • No waiting list;
    • Thanks to the freedom to provide services within the European Union and in Switzerland (with the exception of the coverage of unauthorized care in the case of Switzerland), you can receive medical care in Portugal and benefit from the coverage social security in your country. We can also help you with your reimbursement procedures with your health insurance fund;
    • Excellent international air connections: 2 to 3 hours of flight and at low prices;
    • Take the opportunity to discover Porto, a city that has won several tourism awards, including Best Urban Destination in Europe (2022), awarded by the World Travel Awards (WTA);

    You have to come to Porto between 2 and 4 times:

    1st – Consultation for the preparation of examinations and surgery. You can perform the examinations in your country (we send you the prescription) and the consultation can be done online.

    2nd – Performing the surgery – Depending on the complexity of the treatment to be performed, it will be necessary to stay in Portugal for at least 1-2 nights. In complex cases requiring significant bone regeneration, it may be necessary to perform the operation in two phases, which increases the number of consultations during this phase.

    3rd – Preparation of molds for permanent crowns/prostheses. Consultation carried out 4-6 months after surgery, after bone healing. Depending on the number of treatments performed, it may be necessary to stay at the clinic between 1 hour and 1 full day. The fabrication of permanent crowns/prostheses takes a minimum of one week. You can choose to stay in Portugal and visit the country while waiting for the fabrication of the definitive crowns/prostheses or, depending on your case, come and leave the same day or spend only one night in our country.

    4th – Placement of crowns/definitive prostheses. The installation is faster, it only takes a few hours. If you have chosen to return home during the molding phase, you can come and leave the same day.

    We always pick you up at the airport and take you to the clinic for your treatment and accommodation in Porto.

    You can fill out the form at the end of the page or speak directly to one of our customer service staff on +351 931 965 616. Within 1 business day , we will send you a pre-quote of what you need to improve your smile. The estimate must be validated by additional diagnostic examinations (panoramic radiography and scanner). If you send us these reviews, we can provide you with a final quote.

    Thecaretrip is made up of an internal team and teams from partner clinics:

    Customer Service: Responsible for connecting patients and doctors. This team accompanies you from the first contact. Their role is to understand your case, liaise between you and the medical team, explain the most appropriate treatments, answer your questions, send you a quote and accompany you on your medical journey.

    Medical staff: it is made up of professionals from our partner clinics, specialized in different areas, such as implantology and advanced oral rehabilitation, prosthodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and aesthetic medicine.

    Maximum quality, cutting-edge technology and, best of all, a unique treatment.

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    Tânia Silva

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    Dr. João Botto

    Advanced implantology

    dental assistant

    Márcia Pinheiro

    Dental assistant

    clinic director

    Dra. Manuela Pinheiro

    clinical director

    implantologist implant surgeon

    Dr. João Abel Moura

    Advanced implantology

    implant surgical assistant

    Julia Meireles

    Surgical assistant

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    Tânia Silva
    Founder of Thecaretrip

    The creation of Thecretrip is a dream of several years that has come true. We are proud to see the happy smiles of the people we help, often after years of distress and lack of self-confidence. We work every day to offer an excellent service to our patients, from their first contact until the end of their treatment, including the organization of the trip, the reception on arrival and the accompaniment throughout. along their care journey.

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    Dr. João Botto
    Advanced implantology

    – Master in Dentistry from the Faculty of Dentistry of
    the University of Lisbon, Portugal;
    – Implant dentistry trainee from the University of Miami, Miller
    School of Medicine, USA;
    – Postgraduate in Surgical Training – Augmentation Procedures
    advanced (Onlays Bone Graft), Esparza Clinic, Colombia;
    – Postgraduate and clinical internship in periodontology by the Institute
    Egas Moniz University, Portugal;
    – BBA – Biological Bone Augmentation Course – Heidelberg, Germany;
    – FP1 prosthesis;
    – GDC (General Dental Council) registered, UK.
    – Exclusive practice of oral surgery and implantology

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    Márcia Pinheiro
    Dental assistant

    – Dental assistant course

    Protected Information
    Dre. Manuela Pinheiro
    Clinical Director, Orthodontics

    – Diploma in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of
    the University of Porto (FMUP);
    – Specialization internship in plastic surgery at São João Hospital –
    – Specialization internship at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) – Porto;
    – Specialization in Stomatology at the Hospital of Aveiro;
    – Master in Orthodontics, FMUP;
    – Postgraduate in implantology and oral rehabilitation;
    – Graduate assistant from the Armed Forces Hospital of Porto;
    – International speaker in several areas of oral health-

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    Dr. João Moura
    Advanced implantology

    – Diploma in Dentistry from the University of Porto;
    – Graduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the University of
    Göteborg in Sweden and at Clínica Aparicio in Barcelona;
    – Graduate degree in surgical periodontology at university
    from Göteborg in Sweden and at Clínica Aparicio in Barcelona;
    – Specialization in oral implantology at the University of Saint-Jacques-de-
    Compostela, Spain;
    – Postgraduate diploma in oral medicine and pathology, CESPU,
    Granda, Portugal.
    – Exclusive practice of oral surgery, periodontology and
    – Title of specialist in oral surgery awarded by the Dental Association

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    Júlia Meireles
    Surgical Assistant

    – Level 4 dental assistant professional certification;
    – Integrated master’s degree in dentistry.

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