I am 70 years old or older, should I still place fixed teeth?

I am 70 years old or older, should I still place fixed teeth?

I am 70 years old or older, should I still place fixed teeth?

The answer is YES! Dental implants offer stability comparable to natural tooth roots and change the lives of older people for the better, giving them better physical health and more confidence.

As we get older, we lose abilities, namely at a cognitive and motor level. This means that our daily routines become a little more difficult as we age. This should be a factor to consider when making decisions that could impact your future: fixed teeth make life simpler, as we will explain below:

1 – Dentures need high maintenance, that is, regular visits to the dentist to keep them well adapted to the mouth, otherwise they start to fall out, causing the person to fumble, choke or drool while talking or eating .

2 – With age, the jaw bone disappears faster and in greater quantity, which will make these visits more and more frequent. Implants, on the other hand, maintain the bone structure, which not only has a positive aesthetic effect, as the face does not get so sunken with age (this happens to those who wear dentures), but also allows the person to speak and eat as if they had natural teeth. .

3 – Another stress factor for many patients is cleaning their dentures when eating out, and even more so when associated with the age factor.

4 – On the other hand, with advancing age, the probability of no longer being eligible for treatment is increasing because the more you use your dentures, the greater the bone resorption and, therefore, the less likely is the possibility of having bone to place the implants, forcing the need to resort to extra bone regeneration procedures or gum grafts that can add several months to the treatment. Furthermore, with age, serious health problems can arise that increase the risk of undergoing surgical procedures.

5 – In case you need to place a complete fixed prosthesis, the technique we use, the All-on-4® technique, can be used with very little bone, it does not require bone grafts, so the success rates are very high. high (98%) and is safe for all ages.

Fortunately, dental implants are effective and long-lasting at any age. If you want more information about dental implants and how they can help you smile with a renewed sense of confidence, contact us at +351 931 965 616 (Whatsapp) or fill out the form below to get your quote:


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