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Medicina estética

Aesthetic Medicine in Porto, Portugal

At Thecaretrip our treatments are carried out by doctors specializing in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, using state-of-the-art equipment and products from the most prestigious brands for visible and natural results.

A medical consultation will establish a complete diagnosis and a treatment plan will be proposed, adapted to your expectations and the needs of your skin.

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Aesthetic Medicine in Porto, Portugal

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Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally present in the skin that keeps it firm and toned. Over the years, our ability to produce hyaluronic acid decreases, contributing to the aged appearance.

The application of this substance makes it possible to treat static wrinkles, sagging, lack of volume and dehydration of the skin, or to make the lips a little more voluminous, quickly and safely, providing a natural and harmonious image. .


Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin (botox) acts as a neuromuscular blocker which causes a decrease in muscle contraction in the area of application.

It is used to correct and prevent the appearance or aggravation of facial expression lines. Its application is quite simple, fast and effective. To maintain the results, it is enough to reapply the substance at the indicated period – generally every six months.

ultraformer III

Ultraformer III

Is the newest and most innovative medical technology to treat sagging, wrinkles and localized body and facial fat, providing a non-surgical facelift. Within the first hour after the first session, small differences can already be noticed, however the treatment effects and improvements continue to evolve over 12 weeks.

The results are improved skin elasticity, rejuvenation and strengthening of the skin and correction of fine lines and signs of aging.


Collagen biostimulators

Collagen biostimulators are substances that stimulate the production of collagen when injected into certain layers of the skin. They are used to help improve skin firmness and support and to achieve facial contouring.

Among the benefits of collagen is its prolonged and progressive action to fight and prevent the appearance of signs of aging. The results are very natural and delicate.


01. What are the possible complications of aesthetic medicine?
We are talking more about post-injection reactions. The most common are bruising and swelling. They depend on the locations of the injection (eyelids, dark circles, lips, etc.) but also on the fragility of the patient's skin and the taking of certain medications. Complications (hematomas, infections, etc.) are rare or exceptional.
02. If I start the injections, will I have to continue?
If you stop performing injections, you return to the initial state. Patients who have had regular injections and who stop, however, benefit from an improvement because hyaluronic acid participates in the hydration and production of skin cells But, in general, the patients, content( e)s results, continue their maintenance care in order to maintain the aesthetic benefit obtained, or even to improve it.
03. What precautions are necessary before and after an injection?
It is essential to have well-cleansed, cleansed, pimple-free skin. Disinfection of the skin must be rigorous. You can take homeopathy to avoid the "bruises" and put anesthetic cream to prevent pain during the injection. After the injection it is useful to put ice, to use essential oils to reduce bruising and swelling. Sunscreen should be applied the next day for at least a few days. Sports activity must be stopped for 48 hours. Skin care, hammam, sauna are discussed depending on the type of injection but generally not recommended for 8 days. You must be informed before the intervention of the precautions to be taken and if necessary write them down. Do not forget to ask how long these precautions are necessary before and after an injection or other cosmetic procedure.
04. Can we benefit from aesthetic medicine treatments in the summer?
Yes. This presents no problem. We can practice botox, injections of hyaluronic acid, certain peels in summer. The only condition is to use sunscreen regularly after the treatment.
05. What areas of the body are affected by aesthetic medicine?
This aesthetic discipline focuses mainly on the treatment of facial defects: expression lines, sagging skin, etc. Aesthetic medicine techniques will therefore be able to be used on the neck, the oval of the face, the chin, the nose, the lips, the nasolabial folds, the forehead, the cheeks, the cheekbones, the valley of tears, the temples or the look again. In rarer cases, requests may also relate to hand rejuvenation.
06. At what age can we start?
There is not really a specific age to start using aesthetic medicine. What we can say is that the first indication is most certainly the appearance of the first signs of ageing, which is generally around the age of 30/35. Of course, this is an average age because everything depends on family heredity and the person's lifestyle. For example, in some families the nasolabial folds are marked very early, a person who smokes and / or who abuses the sun wrinkles more quickly than another who does not smoke and who protects himself from UV rays.

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    A clear, transparent and high-quality process.

    With our team, treatments are carried out calmly and carefully to make your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Thanks to our technology and the continuous training of our caregivers, we are ready to provide the best service. Our priority is your well-being and the quality of treatments.

    We answer your questions | FAQs

    Dental treatment in Portugal is cheaper because general operating costs, which include materials, laboratory costs and dentist fees, are lower in Portugal than in the UK. The same materials are sold by the brands themselves at lower prices in Portugal. Dentists do not charge as high fees as in other countries, so even our best dentists have a lower cost than dentists in other countries. We pay our dentists’ fees based on local prices (and based on their experience and quality), resulting in significant savings for our patients. Patients also often have to deal with very high laboratory costs. With Thecaretrip, a large part of the laboratory procedures are carried out in the dental clinic itself, which translates into lower prices for the patient, but with high quality, since the management of the process is carried out in-house, according to our high quality standards and by professionals we have selected. Some procedures must be carried out in rigorously selected external laboratories. Lower cost is often associated with lower quality. Wrongly. The dentists who work with us have been selected for their high level of specialization, the rigor and perfectionism with which they carry out their work and the attention paid to the patient. All the materials we use are certified and we only work with the best brands on the market.

    Our implants are made by Straumann, one of the most prestigious implant brands in the world. Our implants come with a lifetime guarantee that can be used in all the clinics around the world working with this brand.

    The first thing to do is speak to the Thecaretrip team and explain your emergency so that we can guide you. Most emergencies can be solved in your country by consulting a specialist in the field of implantology. You can also plan a visit to Portugal to solve the problem.

    Dental implants are placed under local anesthesia, which minimizes the risks associated with a surgical procedure which is in itself painless. After surgery, there may be some swelling and discomfort, which will be resolved with prescribed medication. Ideally, after the procedure, the patient should rest for at least a day. This delay is important because rest slows circulation, which reduces the risk of pain. The next day, the patient can resume his professional activities in moderation. Compliance with post-operative care is essential for a good recovery, among which we highlight the following points:

    • Cold and soft foods: yoghurt, ice cream, gelatin, cold soups, pureed vegetables, meat and fish, fruit smoothies;
    • No physical exercise;
    • Avoid exposure to the sun;
    • Sleep with the head slightly elevated;
    • Regular cleaning of the operated area;
    • Take prescribed medications as directed.

    Yes, +351 931 965 616, also available on WhatsApp.

    By choosing us, you will benefit from several advantages:

    • Significant savings in your dental treatments compared to other European countries: up to 60% compared to countries such as France, Switzerland or the United Kingdom;
    • The security of carrying out your treatment in a country of the European Union;
    • Excellent quality dental care: carefully selected medical team, certified materials from the most prestigious brands;
    • No waiting list;
    • Thanks to the freedom to provide services within the European Union and in Switzerland (with the exception of the coverage of unauthorized care in the case of Switzerland), you can receive medical care in Portugal and benefit from the coverage social security in your country. We can also help you with your reimbursement procedures with your health insurance fund;
    • Excellent international air connections: 2 to 3 hours of flight and at low prices;
    • Take the opportunity to discover Porto, a city that has won several tourism awards, including Best Urban Destination in Europe (2022), awarded by the World Travel Awards (WTA);

    You have to come to Porto between 2 and 4 times:

    1st – Consultation for the preparation of examinations and surgery. You can perform the examinations in your country (we send you the prescription) and the consultation can be done online.

    2nd – Performing the surgery – Depending on the complexity of the treatment to be performed, it will be necessary to stay in Portugal for at least 1-2 nights. In complex cases requiring significant bone regeneration, it may be necessary to perform the operation in two phases, which increases the number of consultations during this phase.

    3rd – Preparation of molds for permanent crowns/prostheses. Consultation carried out 4-6 months after surgery, after bone healing. Depending on the number of treatments performed, it may be necessary to stay at the clinic between 1 hour and 1 full day. The fabrication of permanent crowns/prostheses takes a minimum of one week. You can choose to stay in Portugal and visit the country while waiting for the fabrication of the definitive crowns/prostheses or, depending on your case, come and leave the same day or spend only one night in our country.

    4th – Placement of crowns/definitive prostheses. The installation is faster, it only takes a few hours. If you have chosen to return home during the molding phase, you can come and leave the same day.

    We always pick you up at the airport and take you to the clinic for your treatment and accommodation in Porto.

    You can fill out the form at the end of the page or speak directly to one of our customer service staff on +351 931 965 616. Within 1 business day , we will send you a pre-quote of what you need to improve your smile. The estimate must be validated by additional diagnostic examinations (panoramic radiography and scanner). If you send us these reviews, we can provide you with a final quote.

    Thecaretrip is made up of an internal team and teams from partner clinics:

    Customer Service: Responsible for connecting patients and doctors. This team accompanies you from the first contact. Their role is to understand your case, liaise between you and the medical team, explain the most appropriate treatments, answer your questions, send you a quote and accompany you on your medical journey.

    Medical staff: it is made up of professionals from our partner clinics, specialized in different areas, such as implantology and advanced oral rehabilitation, prosthodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and aesthetic medicine.

    Maximum quality, cutting-edge technology and, best of all, a unique treatment.

    Meet our team

    Tânia Silva

    Tânia Silva

    Founder of Thecaretrip

    implant surgeon

    Dr. João Botto

    Advanced implantology

    dental assistant

    Márcia Pinheiro

    Dental assistant

    clinic director

    Dra. Manuela Pinheiro

    clinical director

    implantologist implant surgeon

    Dr. João Abel Moura

    Advanced implantology

    implant surgical assistant

    Julia Meireles

    Surgical assistant

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    Tânia Silva
    Founder of Thecaretrip

    The creation of Thecretrip is a dream of several years that has come true. We are proud to see the happy smiles of the people we help, often after years of distress and lack of self-confidence. We work every day to offer an excellent service to our patients, from their first contact until the end of their treatment, including the organization of the trip, the reception on arrival and the accompaniment throughout. along their care journey.

    If you’re looking for quality dental treatment, you’ve come to the right place! We’re ready to take care of you! Contact us and let us be part of your journey to a healthier, happier life!

    Protected Information
    Dr. João Botto
    Advanced implantology

    – Master in Dentistry from the Faculty of Dentistry of
    the University of Lisbon, Portugal;
    – Implant dentistry trainee from the University of Miami, Miller
    School of Medicine, USA;
    – Postgraduate in Surgical Training – Augmentation Procedures
    advanced (Onlays Bone Graft), Esparza Clinic, Colombia;
    – Postgraduate and clinical internship in periodontology by the Institute
    Egas Moniz University, Portugal;
    – BBA – Biological Bone Augmentation Course – Heidelberg, Germany;
    – FP1 prosthesis;
    – GDC (General Dental Council) registered, UK.
    – Exclusive practice of oral surgery and implantology

    Protected Information
    Márcia Pinheiro
    Dental assistant

    – Dental assistant course

    Protected Information
    Dre. Manuela Pinheiro
    Clinical Director, Orthodontics

    – Diploma in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of
    the University of Porto (FMUP);
    – Specialization internship in plastic surgery at São João Hospital –
    – Specialization internship at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) – Porto;
    – Specialization in Stomatology at the Hospital of Aveiro;
    – Master in Orthodontics, FMUP;
    – Postgraduate in implantology and oral rehabilitation;
    – Graduate assistant from the Armed Forces Hospital of Porto;
    – International speaker in several areas of oral health-

    Protected Information
    Dr. João Moura
    Advanced implantology

    – Diploma in Dentistry from the University of Porto;
    – Graduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the University of
    Göteborg in Sweden and at Clínica Aparicio in Barcelona;
    – Graduate degree in surgical periodontology at university
    from Göteborg in Sweden and at Clínica Aparicio in Barcelona;
    – Specialization in oral implantology at the University of Saint-Jacques-de-
    Compostela, Spain;
    – Postgraduate diploma in oral medicine and pathology, CESPU,
    Granda, Portugal.
    – Exclusive practice of oral surgery, periodontology and
    – Title of specialist in oral surgery awarded by the Dental Association

    Protected Information
    Júlia Meireles
    Surgical Assistant

    – Level 4 dental assistant professional certification;
    – Integrated master’s degree in dentistry.

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